We cover a large area from County Line Road to Bartow Road and Memorial Blvd (US 92) to State Road 60 (SR60). 

Polk County:  

- Lakeland , Florida : Servicing:  EagleBrooke, Cleveland Heights, Lakeland Highlands, Highlands City, South Lakeland, Raintree, Lake Somerset, Lake Bentley, Lake Hollingsworth, Beacon Hill, Camphor Heights, Dixieland, Lake Morton, Lake Horney, Cumberland / Biltmore, Downtown, Westgate  Central Avenue, Kings Manor, Ariana Village, Georgetowne, Lake Beulah, Sanlan Golf Course, Clubhouse, 504A, Carter Road, Imperial Lakes, Angeler's Green, Grandefield, Airport, Shepherd Rd, Ewell, Deerbrook, Medulla, Century Avenue

Zip Codes: 33801,33803, 33811,33812,33813,33815

- Mulberry , Florida : Servicing: Willow Oak, Mulberry, Shepherd Rd, SR 60, Imperial Lakes, City Limits, Downtown, County Line, Lake Pointe Village, Bridgeport Lakes, Angeler's Green, Paradise Lakes, Carlton Arms, Grandefield on Poley Lake, South Lakeland Airport, Preserve at Sundance , Chelsea Oaks,

Zip Code: 33860

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