In the Beginning...

 Atta Boy! Animal Care  was founded in December 2013,  when I saw an essential need for a client-oriented, professional full time  Pet Sitting + Dog Walking pet care service company in the Lakeland, Fl and surrounding areas.


We  were constantly traveling as couple, and then during our adoption process and now family travels! We always were trying to schedule for our dogs to go to one of our parents home (and having to drive them over 2 hours away!) or ask a neighbor to watch or chickens and turtles. We also had a dog that was epileptic ( he had seizures) and was on seizure meds that required them to be given 3 times a day on a routine schedule- so having someone able to be available for those times and able to successfully give them medications was critical.  


Eventually the drive, the having to constantly ask neighbors or family to watch the pets, and then coming home and our pups had been fed food that upset their tummy ( because they were so cute and begging for those treats, of course!),  medication missed by accident, plus if we were running behind or early and having to schedule pick up/drop off, and then of course all the extra hair in the car/their food/their toys/their beds etc got TOO MUCH!  


We  looked around for a professional pet sitter that had veterinary medical knowledge and that didn't charge by pet -because with 3 dogs, 3 turtles, and 14 chickens- that just wasn't going to be financially do-able. We soon realized MANY families and individuals locally in  Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow, and surrounding areas had the same needs! 


The image of a company that was a family oriented, animal educated, welcoming and friendly with small and large pet families alike, which would focus on providing the quality of care and service anyone would want for their own home and furry family members came to my mind over and over. I used my 13 year career as a Trained Emergency Veterinary Technician and took my skills learned from my Animal Science Bachlors Degree from Univeristy of Florida to create such a company for YOU!


...and that is exactly what Atta Boy! Animal Care has created!

- Amber V.


In 2016- the team grew from a solo operation to a team organization.


In 2018-the company’s service area was able to increase and improvements in coordination, scheduling, and invoicing were brought on board with the implementation of the Pet Sitter Plus Software. Clients can now schedule appointments, communicate with the team, pay and much more directly through this easy website!

In 2019- we rebranded from our previous  multi-animal and key design and slogan of "We are the KEY to your pets comfort + care" to a fun, current dog design with a slogan of " Happy Pets, Happy People!"

In the past 6 years of business we have cared for hundreds of pets- dogs, cats, horses, goats, geese, chickens, pigs, rats, snakes, fish, aquariums, turtles, geckos, chameleons, hamsters, guinea pigs, tortoises, and more! We look forward to adding you and your pets to our Familia!


We’re fully licensed, insured, bonded, background checked and are a CPPS (Certified Professional Pet Sitter) through Pet Sitters International.  We believe not all pets are able or can handle travel, long bouts alone, boarding or kennel type situations and our goal is to make your pets as happy and stress free as can be! Just because they miss you, does not mean they should have to miss their home too ( and all their favorite smells, places and toys!) . We schedule a FREE Meet + Greet with you prior to you making any commitments. During the Meet + Greet we discuss your pet(s) and home needs to create a fully customization schedule for you.


Everything about our services are created to make your life easier & more comfortable- we always say...

" Happy Pets, Happy People!"

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