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The Truth about Shock Collars AKA Remote Collar Training


When most people hear the words “Shock” collar it can be both scary and offensive. The “Shock” collars of old are nothing like the contemporary Remote Collars of today.

While many people think that the dog is being “shocked” into submission, the truth is, contemporary trainers, using high end remote collars apply a “pressure”/vibration that is neutral, mild and based on the same technology as TENS machines used for physical therapy in humans.

We have a few clients who even use this system for the DEAF DOGS- it helps the families on the daily be able to communicate to the pet when the pet is looking away from them. As Pet Sitters- it helps us do the same - without having to learn extensive types of doggie sign language others may use, which also require the pup to have a visual line on you at all times.

Remote collars do not “burn” a dog’s skin and in fact many quality systems of today are completely water proof!

Low level remote collar training, communicates to your dog with a mild sensation that is not harming to them mentally or physically. It is non-combative in it’s approach which is especially important for reactive dogs. In fact, training sessions with you, the owner, will actually improve your bond with your dog!

Choosing the right collar system is imperative. This is a classic case of you get what you pay for! A system with levels from 1-100 means the nuance between one level and the next is incremental, giving you the ability to truly whisper to your dog verses a system that only has significantly less.

If you choose to explore whether remote collar training is right for you and your dog, speak with a Professional Dog Trainer who is well versed in remote collar training to get the facts.

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