Our Humans

Each human of the Atta Boy! Animal Care team goes through a 4 step demanding hiring process, is background screened,  covered by our insurance + bonding and has over 13 hours of Pet Related Certifications






Continuing Education is provided to our humans on a consistent bases throughout the year.This ensures that each team sitter lives up to the standard set by our company to ensure your pets and home are the happiest and safest they can be.


We will HAND SELECT a human for you based off of you and your pets need and they will become your primary sitter, and then have a team of sitters behind them to ensure we can cover all the dates you need, last minute requests and more!

We have three types of Humans on Staff:

  • Pet Sitters: Pet Care Professionals that can handle all animals!

  • Dog Walkers: Pet Care Professionals that focus mostly on exercising + walking our pup friends!

  • Pet TechsTM  (Half Pet Sitter/Half Veterinary Technician!): For our high medical needs, special needs, senior or elderly clients

  • We are the ONLY Certified Professional Pet Sitters (CPPS) through Pet Sitters International in Polk County!

  • Veterinary Recommended and We Have Access to Veterinary Care 24/7 - 365 Days A Year.

  • We Have Trained Veterinary Nurses On Staff.

  • We Background Screen ALL Of Our Team Members

  • We Are Bonded+ Insured through BIC.

  • We Are part Of National + Local Professional Pet Organizations: PSI, PUPS, and Polk Professional Pet Services Network

  • We are An Active Member of Lakeland Kiwanis and Girl Scouts

  • We are An Active Member of Bridge Local (formally Lakeland Business Leaders)

  • We are a entrepreneur with Florida SBDC at USF ( Small Business Development Center)

  • We Donate Regularly To Animal Rescues + Benefits through resources, financials, volunteerism and support!




Amber V.


is the founder of Atta Boy! Animal Care. She been working in the animal  field for over 16 years. She started in the field by working in the horse industry - stable hand and pet sitter. She then trained as a local Veterinary Kennel hand, Veterinary Assistant and then an Emergency Veterinary Technician for both small and large animals for over 13 years. She has a bachelors of Animal Science from University of Florida.

At home she has 1 husband, 2 human children,  10 chickens, 3 turtles, 4 dogs: a Schnauzer mix -Benji, Poodle mix- River, Corgi Mix- Cinco & a Saluki mix- Sookie, 

Chantel D.


has been with ABAC since 2012. She been working in the animal  field for over 10 years as a Veterinary Receptionist and then started as a pet sitter, dog walker and cat sitter with Atta Boy! Animal Care in 2014. 


She currently works with us as our Manager to ensure the best client experience from start to finish! That includes: monitoring our pet sitters, dog walker and cat sitters at the visits, ensuring visit quality and making sure our clients get their visit updates. She also manages the staff behind-the-scenes, and hiring.

She has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from USF.

At home she has 3 dogs- Pomeranians,   2 cats-, 1 human daughter, and 1 human husband who is in the Navy. 

Teresa S.

Office Assistant- Community + Client Relations

has been with ABAC since 2019.  She currently works with us as our Community and Client Relations Office Assistant- she creates and keeps great bonds with other local animal companies, scheduling, monthly newsletters and general office work.​ She has been in the administration field for over 20 years- including working at a local bakery- Born +Bread.

At home she has 3 dogs- Australian Shepherds of all sizes, and 1 human husband.

Marissa G.

Pet Tech + Social Media Assistant

has been with ABAC since 2017. She been working in the animal  field for over 10 years. She started in the field by working in the horse industry - stable hand and then trainer. She then trained as a Veterinary Technician for both small and large animals. She currently works as an Emergency Veterinary Technician and is working on obtaining her CVT- Certified Veterinary Technician License.

At home she has 1 dog - a shepherd mix &  one cat.

Areas Covered: South Lakeland- 504A, Shepherd Rd, Mulberry- SR 60 and South Plant City

Anna P.

Pet Tech

​has been with ABAC since 2016. She has been working in the animal field for over 4 years.

She started working as Veterinary Technician at a local spay & neuter clinic and now works at a local horse farm as a horse trainer & teacher. Anna has worked with most domestic animals- especially canine companions and has interests in small animals

She graduated with her Veterinary Assistant degree from Penn Foster.


At home she has a bunny, boards her horse locally and has a husband- Joseph.

Areas Covered: East Lakeland, Bartow

Alicia B.

Pet Sitter

has been with ABAC since 2019. Throughout her  life shes cared for iguanas, hamsters, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and fish. Alicia recently moved here from Jacksonville, Fl and has volunteered with animal rescues in the past. She is currently attending college to become a human nurse in Lakeland, Fl!

At home she has 1 human significant other-Bernie,  three dogs: Bella-a Chihuahua, Dash - a mix breed and Jackson- a Chihuahua, and one Cat- Abigail.

Areas Covered: Downtown Lakeland, Memorial Blvd, East + West Lakeland

Amanda H.

Pet Sitter

has been with ABAC since 2019. She has grown up with animals, volunteered at an animal shelter for over a year doing dog training, and has experience in dog walking and Pet Sitting  dogs, cats, and fish. She is currently attending Florida Southern College to study psychology and law.


At home she has two yellow labs 一 Katie & Mia, a Terrier Mix- Prince, and three cats 一 Princess, Zues, & Midnight.

Areas Covered: Downtown Lakeland - Lake Morton, Dixieland , West Lakeland - Bartow Rd, South Lakeland- S.Florida Ave, Cleveland Heights

April R.

Pet Sitter

 has been with ABAC since 2019. She has worked with animals from a young age, trained as a dog trainer and has been pet sitting over 2 years. She has experience caring for small rodents, cats, fish and reptiles in addition to dogs of every age. She is also the owner of Craftipus- a local crafting business and currently trains her dogs as therapy animals.


At home she has a husband, 3 beautiful daughters, 3 fur daughters, and 3 leopard geckos.

Areas Covered: Central Lakeland- Edgewood Ave, Cleveland Heights, Lake Somerset , Lake Hollingsworth, Beacon Hill areas

Abby P.

Pet Sitter

 has been with ABAC since 2020.Growing up on a farm allowed her to care for a variety of animals from a small age. She has experience caring for Dogs, Cats, Chickens and Goats - and always willing to meet more! When not working with animals she practices Cosmetology.


At home she has a husband- Lennon,  and 2 dogs-Louie a pomchipoo, and Marley a mixed terrier.

Areas Covered: Central Lakeland, Downtown Lakeland, East Lakeland

Ashley H.

Pet Sitter

has been with ABAC since 2017. She completed a course as a Veterinary Assistant and currently works in the parts department at a local RV store during the day. She has volunteered with SPCA Florida here in Lakeland, and has rehabbed local Florida wildlife for many years. 

At home she has a human wife, and 25 reptiles including Hognose Snakes, Ball Pythons, Bearded Dragons, Geckos and also 2 Cats-Todd + Pepper and 2 Rats-Tofu + Blaze.

Areas Covered: South Lakeland, 504A, Shepherd Rd, Mulberry

Cammie W.

Pet Sitter

has been with Atta Boy! since 2020 . She grew up on a farm in North Plant City, where she had cows, horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits as well as domestic cats and dogs. She volunteered at HCAS in the Pitt Bull Ambassador Program which pulled dogs from the shelter and helped them gain their CGC (canine good citizenship). This allowed them to be better placed in foster and fur-ever homes with their new families. She is a Cosmetologist at a local salon here in Lakeland and currently working towards her Masters in Psychology at Walden University.


At home she has a human husband , a human son, as well as three dachshund fur kids.

Areas Covered: South Lakeland- Shepherd Rd, 504A, Ewell, Mulberry- SR 60, South Plant City-Keysville

Carrie L.

Pet Sitter

has been with ABAC since 2019.Carrie has 10 years of pet sitting experience and working with rescue domestic and wild animals. She just moved to Lakeland from a small town called Niceville, in the FL panhandle, with her significant other, who is prior military. She loves to fish and hunt but has a large amount of respect for wildlife and animals. She has a Bachelor's in Human Resources and when not working with animals as a pet sitter, she works at a local school as a 4th grade teacher.

At Home she has 1 human significant other and 1 dog- a lab/hound mix named Cody.

Areas Covered: Downtown Lakeland, East + South Lakeland

Melissa G.

Pet Sitter

has been with ABAC since 2019.She is an active volunteer with SPCA Florida here in Lakeland and has been a pet sitter for many years. She graded from FSU with an Elementary Education Degree with a Masters in Educational Leadership and is currently an online High School Instructor

At home she has a 4 dogs, 2 red-foot tortoise, a cockatiel, a parakeet, 2 chinchillas and a Betta fish. She also has 2 human sons- ages 24+ 26, who are the joy of her life too!

Areas Covered: Dixieland, Cleveland Heights, 504A, South Lakeland, East Lakeland

Frank S.

Pet Sitter

has been with Atta Boy! since the beginning as he is the husband of our Founder Amber! He has been in the animal field for over 7 years.He graduated from University of South Florida with an engineering degree and currently works as an engineering inspector.

At home he has 10 chickens, 3 turtles, 4 dogs: a Schnauzer mix -Benji, Poodle mix- River, Corgi Mix- Cinco & a Saluki mix- Sookie, 2 human children: Aria and Tristan & wife Amber.

Areas Covered: Downtown Lakeland, East + South Lakeland

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Our Team

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Atta Boy! Animal Care is always looking for compassionate and hard working pet sitters to join our team. We are currently looking to hire in the Lakeland, Mulberry, Plant City + Bartow, Florida areas at this time. Please e-mail a resume to info@AttaBoyAnimalCare.com  

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